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If you enjoy counting birds, get into your car and join CAR. We monitor trends in populations and habitat use of over 30 species of birds.



Key CAR Species Gallery

PLEASE NOTE: All these pictures are taken from the Virtual Museum. Credits are given to all the photographers who submitted them.

Denham's Bustard
Grey Crowned Crane
Kori Bustard
Steppe Buzzard
Black Stork
Karoo Korhaan
Long Crested Eagle
Ludwig's Bustard
Northern Black Korhaan
Southern Balck Korhaan
Southern Bald Ibis
White Bellied Korhaan
Wattled Crane
Jackal Buzzard
Yellow Billed Stork
Black Shouldered Kite
Black Bellied Korhaan
Pied Crow
White Necked Raven
Cape (Black) Crow
Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk
Balck Headed Heron
Spur Winged Goose
Abdim's Stork